A Note From Pastor Larry Davis

​​​Pastor Larry says……….

 If you are like the rest of us, it is just hard to believe we are closing in on Christmas- I am afraid it's true.
We are making plans now for the church Thanksgiving dinner.  It is only a week and a couple of days away.  I guess Thanksgiving is a merciful date; it may be the jolt that some of us need to get us out of denial that, "Yes it is late November." 
I once read that the great General Stonewall Jackson could not even take a drink of water without thanking the Lord.  That sounds extreme and hard to believe.  But after you read a few reliable biographies of the man, it becomes more plausible.  He was one of a kind and, by all accounts, was the "real deal" Christian. In other words, he lived out his faith down to the simplest details.  Would it not be a badge of honor to have it said of us that we thanked the Lord too much?  I have yet to see it.  This is the one of the wonderful blessings that comes from the Christmas season.  It goes straight to the heart of how deeply our indebtedness to our Creator really goes.  We (all) owed a bill that no man on earth could pay, so God came to this world as a baby born in a stable.  He did it solely for one reason:  To bring us a gift, the greatest gift ever recorded in all the written histories of humanity, the gift of Redemption!
I have not taken to thanking the Lord everytime I get a drink of water.  It would not hurt.  Righ now, I am just up to sweet milk sometimes.
Make a plan to come and be part of our church celebrations.  We invite everyone to come and join us for the church Thanksgiving dinner on November 24th.  Church service begins at 11 AM and the meal after church.  Coming to church certainly is not the only way to show our gratitude to Him for loving people like us...but it is a start.