A Note From Pastor Larry Davis

I pause every now and then to think about the history of Skinquarter Baptist Church.  It is indeed a colorful and storied history that spans from 1778 until today. We are doing what we can to write the new pages for the next generations to read. As we do my prayer is that they can say, "They were faithful to the Great Commission". I may be brief in my summary of that commission but I am certain that that the essential elements of what the church ought to be is a simple and short list of attributes: Love the Lord. Love each other. Love the Community. I cannot speak for all but I feel certain our church family shares those qualities. We are all just human but the thing that defines us is the pursuit of the Divine: We want to know and follow the Lord. We are always looking to the inerrant, inspired, infallible Word of God to guide us in that journey. You can expect that from us. We are glad to meet you where you are right now at this time in your faith, wherever you are, and help you go forward. I have never read of the need to expand the size of Heaven and I think I know why; there is room for all. If you need somewhere to hang your "spiritual hat", a place where you can worship and work in advancing the cause of Christ in your own life and the lives of those you meet, we are here and our doors are open. Come and see for yourself.